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Employee Benefits Plan Design and Review

Offering a good employee benefits plan to employees is crucial for businesses that want to attract and retain top talent, boost morale and productivity, and reduce absenteeism and turnover.

Not only does it provide employees with greater financial security, but it also builds a better employer branding and stand out in the competitive job market for employers.

As your Employee Benefit Consultant, we aim to help you maintain a sustainable benefit plan.

Competitive Benefit Plan Design

  • Benchmarking and comparison
  • Longitudinal research
  • Usage review
  • Alternative/options

Well-understood by Employees

  • "Marketing your benefit plan"
  • Staff engagement & communication
  • Valuable health knowledge sharing
Sustainable Desktop

Stable Claim Experience

  • Detailed claim analysis
  • Top diagnosis review
  • Claim control and preventive measures

Reasonable Premium

  • Study of claims trend
  • Fair price analysis
  • Actuarial projection
Experience Analysis

Employee Benefits Claims Experience Analysis

What does claim ratio affect?
  • Managing claims can help employers controlling costs and ensuring that employees have access to the care they need. Claims can impact insurance premiums, coverage, and employee perceptions of their benefits.
What will we do?
  • Conduct detailed claims analysis to understand member's utilization patterns

What did we see?

What We See 1

Both Hospitalization and Outpatient incurred claim had increased over 60% since 2019.

The cumulative result of price adjustment in multiple medical supplies and healthcare services will accelerate the overall cost in healthcare industry.
What We See 2

We will use our ElB research to compare...

The GUM Employee Insurance Benefits (EIB) Research is conducted since 2003, in collaboration with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University to capture the market picture in three key areas:
  1. Benefit provision scope
  2. Benefits costing
  3. Medical insurance utilization

More insights from our EIB Research

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Employee Benefits Benchmarking and Design

What will we do?

Benchmark the benefits against the market practice to ensure market competitiveness
Align benefit offerings with client's in-house people development policy

Our Analysis

All employees are categorized into 4 levels for comparison on benefit level.
Uni Class​
Key Executive​
Supervisory Staff
General Staff

Did your plan meet the market average?

Download EIB Report

Loadings Breakdown of the Premium

Overall Premium

Medical Benefit Level
Medical Benefit Usage
Relative Insurer Charge Margin
utilization review

Employee Benefits Utilization Analysis & Review

What does utilization affects?
  • Utilization reflects employee health needs and is a key indicator for projecting medical premium costs. Monitoring utilization helps employers optimize coverage and costs.
What will we do?
  • Review the existing health benefit coverage and identify risk with terms and conditions
  • Understand your employees' concerns and issues around the health benefit program

Sourcing and Selection of Service Provider

What will we do?
  • Conduct market research to identify service providers according to approved coverage
  • Analyse the prospective service provider according to several criteria set by GUM and the client
  • Shortlist service providers according to the evaluation

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