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Join the GUM team to challenge yourself with exciting career and enjoy our unique GUM culture!

What is GUM

Being the leading corporate consulting company based in Hong Kong since 1980, Gain Miles is a regulated entity and licensed insurance intermediary of the Hong Kong Insurance Authority. Throughout these years, Gain Miles has been transformed from an insurance broker to the expert in MPF investment. It provides clients with one-stop mandatory provident fund (MPF), health and wealth management advisory services, including pension advising and actuarial services, as well as corporate client employment member services on retirement planning.
In 2022, Gain Miles (GM) has been renamed to GUM by adding a U (YOU) to the brand story. It does not only give GUM a rejuvenated and friendly brand image, but also connects GUM with "YOU", and sings the praises of the relationship with all valuable clients, partners and team members.


"GUMbees" =GUM's babes. We grow in GUM and evolve to be high-flying bees
Bees play a very important role in the ecosystem – they help other plants grow! Same as bees, GUM's people share a common goal to help other businesses grow. GUMbees have different personalities but share similar characteristics – generally aggressive, showing a strong willingness or desire to seek adventure. GUMbees fly high and fly quickly, same as bees. Bees are well known for living in a colony while GUMbees are well recognized for working hard as a team. GUM has a well-organized team structure, in which our GUMbees can find their own very specific roles in supporting the team success.Work hard, fly high, celebrate team success – Yes, these are us. GUMbees.

GUMbees' Impressions of


Is it fun to work at GUM? Why?

Yes. I really feel that "Work Hard Play Hard" is truly employed at GUM. Never imagined that we would be able to work at a party room! We are also encouraged to learn soft communication and negotiation skills via board games.Irene So, Business Development
Yes, it is fun working in GUM. Here we work hard, play hard. There were some excellent experiences I had in GUM. You always get the chance to encounter different challenges and explore new aspects at work. Apart from work, we also organize various interactive activities that colleagues can enjoy together, for instance, yoga private classes, gym private classes, board game events.Martin Wan, Business Strategy & Analytics
Yes, it's fun. Apart from routine task, there are also ample opportunities to do client-facing activities. In addition, I also need to respond to market changes. Outside of work, the company also organizes many activities to strengthen the bonding among colleagues and rewind ourselves.Victor Ho, Senior Consulting Associate

What do you like most about GUM culture?

I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work at a fun and energetic workplace! It is my pleasure to work at GUM, which values employees to the extent you have demonstrated!Twinkle Fung, Human Resources
I like the team spirit and the sense of being part of a family. Unlike other companies, at GUM, we have a good understanding of how other teams function and we work together towards common goals.Alisa Mak, Senior Consulting Associate
One of the GUM cultures that I like the most is empowerment. In GUM, we empower colleagues to do what they are interested in so as to uncover new business opportunities and make decisions with proper authorities.Michael She, Finance & Human Resources

Why Join GUM?

Joining GUM is a great choice for several reasons. Initially referred by a friend, I discovered that her praise for the company's nice people and positive work environment was accurate. GUM fosters a culture of comfort and support, where colleagues are genuinely kind and collaborative. The company prioritizes personal and professional growth, offering ample opportunities for learning and development. Additionally, GUM provides attractive benefits and perks, promoting a healthy work-life balance. Overall, GUM's culture, along with its emphasis on support, growth, and well-being, makes it an appealing destination for those seeking a fulfilling and rewarding career.Stephanie Chan, Marketing officer
I want to join GUM for a variety of reasons - good company culture, nice people, flexibility at work, many opportunities etc. But one of the main reasons I want to work for GUM is because a fast-growing firm helps you improve more quickly.Candy Yeung, Sales Governance
I decided to join GUM because I was seeking a change and wanted to explore new opportunities in my career path. GUM provides us with the opportunity to grow and try new things, offering us a space to develop our skills and abilities. Additionally, I was highly impressed by GUM's core value of "Give you more." It resonated with me as I aspire to make a positive impact on others through my work.Kan Chung, Senior Consulting Associate

Relationship Management Trainee Program (RMT)

This is an 12-15 months intensive program that provides a timely and flexible pathway to earn a professional consulting career. Graduates will join the program as Consultant Associates (CAs) and be promoted to Assistant Manager level or higher after the program.Apply Now

Management Trainee Program (MT)

This is a 2-year comprehensive learning program with a job rotation plan that covers major functional areas within GUM. As Management Trainees, graduates will have the opportunity to explore diverse departments, functions, and cultures. They will also have the flexibility to develop their skills and gain valuable experience in their areas of greatest interest. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be promoted to Assistant Manager.Apply Now

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