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Corporate Wellness Solution

Wellbeing is about feeding all aspects of your being--adopting habits and practices to be the best version of yourself at work and in your personal life.

Why does employee wellness matter?

Wellness-1Reduce foreseeable people costs and in turn increasing company profitability
Wellness-2Stronger employer branding for recruitment and retention

The Edges of Our Wellness Solution

  • Combining Physical, Mental and Financial Wellness
  • All-in-one program marketing to enhance employee engagement
Program Management
  • Designated team to design, plan, market and execute the program
  • Measuring program efficiency

Our Wellness Solutions for Corporate Clients

What is it?

PowerUPGUM PowerUP ProgramA standard program that provides online webinars by various industry experts and 1:1 consultation on Health and Wealth aspects
MVPGUM MVP ProgramA more customized program that provides all rounded wellness activities (online and onsite) based on customer needs and budget

What features are included?

1 live webinar per month, with seasonal theme by industry experts (e.g. Medical Expert Series)
Replay service available anytime
1:1 Wealth and Mental Consultation
Activities packaged as an Annual Program with a tailored theme
Combining mass engagement and small group workshops
Pre and Post Program Survey Available

Suitable for?

Starter planEmployers who have just started to offer wellness to employees
Advanced planEmployers who would like to have a more customized and comprehensive plan

PowerUP Program Feature

1. Webinars
  • 1 live webinar/ month
  • Video replay available
  • Expert Sharing (Psychologist, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Certified Mindfulness Teacher and etc)
  • Seasonal Hot Topics based on market demands
2. Consultation
  • 24/7 Mental health consultation
  • Wealth & financial education consultation
3. Survey & Report
  • Investigate participants healthiness to target their concern
  • Share analysis of employees' energy level to employers
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MVP Program Feature

The program content will vary according to client's budget and requirement. Below are the examples but not limited.
M of MVPMental
  • Meditation
  • DIY Class
  • Volunteering Events
  • Mental Wellness Workshop
V of MVPValue for Money (Financial)
  • MPF Consultancy
  • Financial Wellness Workshops
P of MVPPhysical
  • Fitness Class
  • Health Talk
  • Check Up
  • Healthy Food Distribution

MVP Program Can be Fully Customised

One step for fully tailor-made your employee benefits!

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