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Employee Communication (EC) Service

Why is Employee Communication Important?

Employees' Perceived Value
Actual Value
Employees' Understanding

Clear communication of employee benefits is essential for ensuring that employees understand the full value of their benefits package.

When employees do not fully understand their benefits, it can lead to a perception of low value and result in a waste of company spending.
Effective communication of benefits not only ensures that employees are aware of the resources available to them, but it can also increase employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

Our Employee Communication Capabilities

The pre-event promotion is the cornerstone of employees joining our briefings.We have:
  • Attractive Visuals
  • Highlighted Messages
  • Multimedia Channels
  • Trilingual Ability
  • Strong online and offline capabilities to reach out your employees

Dedicated Employee Services Team

Service Team 1

Member Briefings

Deliver trilingual briefings to share information and increase employees' understanding
Service Team 2

Consultation Service

Provide 1:1 consulting services and follow through the execution process
Service Team 3

Retirement Financial Advisory

Advice further long-term retirement planning and investment strategy, and execute the plan

Member briefing

dedicated to Give U More

Our Scope:

  • MPF
  • Employee Benefits
  • Wellness Program
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax-deductible Products
  • Investment News
Member Briefing

dedicated to Give U the best


  • Education on the importance of MPF
  • Market updates/trend + House View
  • Influence decision making


  • Polling/questions during the briefing session
  • Ongoing evaluation to understand effectiveness and members' needs
  • Onsite/online 1:1 helpdesk to offer easy access to GUM consultants for advice & follow-up execution

1-1 Consultation Services

Investment Portfolio Advisory
Retirement Planning Advisory
Individual Risk Assessment
Individual MPF Consolidation
MPF Fund Advisory
Tax-deductible Products

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