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Abolition of MPF Offsetting Mechanism

Watch event highlights to learn about the upcoming abolishment of MPF Offsetting Arrangements to be implemented in May 2025. Simply fill out a brief form to access the full event video and download the presentation.
Latest Offsetting Arrangements Update
New HKAS 19 Guidelines by the HKICPA
Insights from Accounting, Finance, and HR Experts

【Latest LSP/SP Offset Arrangements - How Should Accounting, Finance, and HR Prepare and Collaborate to Comply with the New Guidelines?】

Clement Chan

Managing Director, Assurance, BDO Limited

Dr. Gloria Siu

Chief Executive, GUM

Michael Chan

Managing Director, GUM

Yumi Cheung

Business Strategy Consultant, GUM
  • GUM’s latest release: sharing of HR survey on offsetting arrangement
    Around two-third of employers current offset the LSP/SP by employers’ mandatory contribution? Over 70% indicated only HR will handle the offset matters?
  • Insights from Accounting experts
    In July 2023, HKICPA announced new guidelines and examples for companies to adjust their accounting approach to comply with the new legislation - How should HR and accounting and finance collaborate?
  • Essential steps and tips for employers
    Anticipated impact of the new legislation on current financial, accounting, legal, and administrative arrangements - How should employers proactively prepare?
Want to know more? Watch the event video and download the presentation!

Watch Full Video and Download Presentation

Watch Full Video and Download Presentation

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