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We are GUM Your MPF Expert

MPF, pension, actuarial and investment boutique trusted by the Hong Kong business community for over 40 years
Gain Miles was established in 1980, providing comprehensive consulting services in Hong Kong and Macau to corporates and their employees. Our services include pension, employee benefits, actuarial and investment, corporate risk management and individual financial planning. With a series of research studies, publications, and member education, we have achieved prominence in the industry.

From Gain Miles to GUM

About Us 2
GUM has announced the launch of its new brand in 2022. Originated from the abbreviation “GM” of the former brand Gain Miles, the new brand has added a human touch with a “U” in the middle. With the meaning of “you”, it echoes with our core value to prioritize the needs of corporate clients and their employees we serve, strategic partners we work closely with, as well as the general public of MPF members. With over 40 years of market experience and expert teams, the brand, encompassing licensed companies* including, among others, Gain Miles Assurance Consultants Limited, Gain Miles MPF Consultants Limited and Gain Miles Financial Planning Consultants Limited, will focus on providing MPF, corporate wealth and health consultancy services. We will continue to lead the market to innovate, walking hand in hand with our clients to go faster and further.
“GUM” can also be pronounced as a word “gum”, which means “gold” (金) in Cantonese, symbolizing our focus in MPF and retirement fund. The mission of the brand is to help clients create and accumulate more wealth, as in line with our new motto “GIVE U MORE”.
About Us 3
The logo design of GUM is a delicate harmony of simple round shapes in yellow and black pixel alphabets. The circles can be easily linked with money and wealth, while the energetic letters hint the era of digital transformation. In particular, with the development of the eMPF platform, GUM is committed to empowering the public to make the most of the platform, supported by GUM's investor education, to make the best-informed decisions. The design also reflects the innovative mindset of the brand, eager and ready to transform MPF management from plain numbers and graphs to an interesting  experience.
Dr. Gloria Siu, Chief Executive of GUM said: "With the upcoming launch of the eMPF platform, the MPF system will mark another milestone since its inception in 2000. The one-stop platform is going to simplify MPF management process for both employers and employees and thus encourage more active management of their retirement savings. We believe this could help improve the overall confidence on the MPF system and also financial wellbeing of the MPF members. The new GUM brand injects new energy to our growing business, to go even further to lead the MPF market.”

GUM Milestones

Establishment in Hong Kong
Focus on MPF and Employee Services
The First Employee Insurance Benefit Research
The First MPF Public Confidence Survey
Launch Gain Miles MPF Performance Index
Re-startup with the GUM brand
Mission to “Give U More”

*Licenses and Affiliations:

Gain Miles Assurance Consultants LimitedInsurance Authority Insurance Intermediary (Licence No. FB1003) Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority Intermediary (Licence No. IC000114)
Gain Miles MPF Consultants LimitedInsurance Authority Insurance Intermediary (Licence No. FB1116) Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority Intermediary (Licence No. IC000363)
Gain Miles Financial Planning Consultants LimitedHong Kong Securities & Futures Commission Type 1 (Dealing in Securities) and Type 4 (Advising on Securities) Licence (CE No. ALI559) Insurance Authority Insurance Intermediary (Licence No. FB1267) Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority Intermediary (Licence No. IC000651)
Gain Miles Assurance Consultants Limited (Macau Branch)Monetary Authority of Macao Insurance Intermediary (Licence No. 25/CRE)
About Us-1
Our Understanding of your NeedsAt GUM, we help employers to optimize their spending on MPF and employee benefits.Our services includes
  • Pension
  • ​Actuarial and investment
  • ​Employee benefits
  • ​Corporate risk management
  • ​Individual financial planning
About Us-1
Pension Investment and Employee Benefits Consultant Team​With an analytic mind and profession, we provide research support and analysis to our clients to make the best-informed decisions.Employee Services Team
  • Experienced team
  • Multi-channel communications
  • ​Retirement planning tools

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