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GUM Financial Wellness Solution

The Importance of Financial Wellness

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Money is the top cause of stress in Hong Kong
  • The research indicates that among over 880 Hong Kong companies and 100,000 employees,
  • only 16% of the respondents are satisfied with their current financial situation.
Developing financial literacy and attitude to manage wealth is fundamental to financial wellness.Financial, emotional, and physical wellbeing are interconnected. Stable finances impact emotional and physical health, while emotional and physical wellbeing affect financial health. Maintaining balance among them is crucial for overall wellbeing.

Our Financial Wellness Solution

Financial Wellness CheckupFinancial Wellness Checkup
  • Assess employee financial health score
  • Segmentation for workshop and theme suitability
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Learning - Webinars
  • 1 live webinar per quarter
  • Content focusing on latest market trend of financial wellness
  • Video replay available
  • Expert Sharing
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Playing - Workshops
  • 8 - Group Class Financial Education Workshops (90 mins)
  • Interactive + self-learning materials + financial planning tools
  • 4 themes segmented by investment knowledge level and age generation
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Coaching – 1-to-1 Financial Coach
  • Ongoing 1-on-1 individual financial coach for financial profiling
  • Review your personal finance
  • MPF Retirement financial advisory service
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Financial Wellness Check-up

How well are you doing financially?
  • Mass employee engagement to all employees
  • 5-10 minute check-up to assess employee's own financial wellness score
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Learning - Webinars

New Normal, Wealth Growth , Retirement, Inflation, Spending
  • 1 live webinars per quarter
  • Content focusing on latest market trend of financial wellness
  • Video replay available
  • Investment expert sharing
  • Seasonal hot topics based on market demands
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Financial Planning and Analytic Tool

Financial 101Common Finance knowledge Every Newbie Needs to Know
Behavioural FinanceHow to make profit from peoples' financial behaviour and seasonality in the investment market?
Prepare for RetirementFocus on the pension planning /tools for better retirement
Wealth AccumulationA guide for building up your net worth and wealth over time with introductions of advanced investment products (e.g. options, futures)
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1-to-1 Financial Coach

Staff will be invited to meet his/her assigned coach to undergo a check-up for creating his/her own financial profile
  • Retirement planning
  • Financial Wellness
  • Investment service
  • 1-to-1 financial coach
  • Easy ways to connect (WhatsApp Enquiry)

Retirement Financial Advisory Service

MPF Fund selection and allocation recommendation based on your personal profile and retirement financial objectives
Fundamental and quantitative analysis for better investment decision

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