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Latest MPF and Employee Benefits market insights by the GUM Team of actuaries and investment analysts
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Our Insights

Abolishment of MPF Offsetting Arrangement Seminar Recap
  • Event recap: latest LSP/SP offset arrangements
  • How can Accounting, Finance, and HR prepare and collaborate
  • Potential impact of new legislation
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Engaging your people with Total Wellbeing
  • Concepts of Total Wellbeing​
  • ​Potential impact of employees with poor wellbeing status​
  • The critical 5 steps for improving employee wellbeing
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Flexible Benefits 2023 - Trendy or the New Necessity​
  • Market demand - Latest trend?​ Objectives?
  • Cost budget - Budget amount?​ Way to control costs?
  • Implementation measures - Common implementation blocks?​ Coverage?
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Top 10 things about MPF you have to know in 2023
  • Average Earnings of HKD 8,171 per person in 2023?
  • DIS Takes the Lead in Mixed Asset Funds?
  • What's more?
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Employee Insurance Benefits Research 2023
  • Market Benchmark for benefit, costing and usage ratio​
  • Longevity study since 2003​
  • Latest post-pandemic trend & insights ​
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  • 12 Webinars/ Year - Experts from different sectors will share the popular health and financial topics
  • 1-to-1 Consultation - Members can reserve private psychological counselling and financial consultation services
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