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Explore MPF integration discounts and understand how to choose the best MPF integrated plan. Gum provides you with professional suggestions to help you make wise MPF integration options and enjoy more discounts and convenience.

MPF integration 5 myths -migrant workers must know!


MPF integration is the first myth: What is MPF integration?

MPF integration refers to merging multiple strong deposits accounts into a unified account. When the migrant worker leaves, if no instructions are made for the strong deposit fund account, the original payment account will automatically turn into a "personal account" to continue investing; so that the migrant earlier may hold multiple strong funds accounts. In new jobs, the migrant earlier provides a strong deposit fund, which will enable the migrant earlier to hold at least two strong sums of money accounts.
Integration of Johitan Fund = The action of combining all accounts into 1 account is called MPF integration.

MPF Integration 2nd myth: When will MPF integration be performed?

1. Multiple accounts: When you have multiple strong deposit funds accounts, the integration of the MGM can merge them into an account to facilitate management and tracking. 2. Management difficulties: If you receive letters from different Jeonfund trustees and the number of accounts is increasing, it may be difficult to manage. The integration of the strength of the power fund can help you simplify the files and materials, making it easier to manage. 3. Unclear asset status: It may not be clear how many accounts they have for a long time to not pay attention to the strong accumulation account for a long time, and the fund status of each account and which funds have been invested. The integration of Qiang Fund can help you understand the status of assets. After the transfer of MPF account point management? When you transfer, you need to pay attention to the following matters to manage the MPF account: 1. Update information: Make sure you provide the correct MPF account information to the new employer so that they can provide money according to your instructions. 2. Integration of MPF: Consider integrating the previous MPF account into a new account to reduce management complexity and costs. The good between MPF ​​integration will be a problem you need to consider. 3. Fund selection: Re -evaluate and adjust your investment portfolio, to withstand your investment goals and risks.

MPF integration 3rd myth: Will it be complicated by the integration of Johitan Fund?

3 steps can be integrated with a strong three -step fund
Step of Johnson Fund integration 1: Check the plan name and account numberFor the integration of strong deposits, we must first know the plan name and account number of all your personal accounts. You can find these two items through the following methods material:
The letter sent by the trustee to you, such as the anniversary equity table;
Inquire with your trustees, such as logging in to your online MPF account or contacting your trustee directly
If you do n’t know how many strong deposit funds have a personal account or do n’t know the detailed situation of the trustee company, you can download the “Personal Account Information Query Form” of the FMB Bureau. To the Golden Bureau (you can also go to the Jijin Bureau in person). The Golden Bureau will reply to which trustee you have a hukou, but does not include household slogan information. Therefore, after receiving the reply from the Golden Bureau, you need to contact the trustee to inquire yourself.
Step of Mo -Fund Integration Step 2: Select the trustee and planYou can choose a trustee and plan for your existing Mo -Fund trustee so that you can integrate the existing MPF. When choosing a trustee and plan, you should consider different factors, such as products (plans and funds), services, fund charges and other personal factors. MPF integration is mentioned below.
Step 3: Fill in the form: fill in the form, pay the formFill in the "Plan Members Integrating Personal Account Application Form". After filling in the form, give it to the trustee you selected. Generally speaking, after 2-3 weeks, you will receive the "transfer settlement book" and "transfer confirmation" sent by the original trustee and the new trustee. Be careful to check to ensure that the information is correct, and the entire MPF integration process will be completed!
Instructions for the integration of Molying Fund:
No cost of power overcharge or account transfer does not need to pay any fees.
The integration of Johitan funds involves buying and selling funds and the cumulative rights of transfer. In the process, there may be about one to two weeks of investment gaps, so that you have the opportunity to "sell high and low -selling" or "low -selling high buying".
If you choose the "Guarantee Fund" in the original plan, transfer of cumulative equity may make you unable to obtain a relevant guarantee return.
At the same time as the integration of the strength of the money, you should also take the opportunity to check whether the relevant fund selection is appropriate;
Next time I transfer to work again, remember to deal with the MPF that you plans to plan in the old employer. Otherwise, you will have another personal account.

MPF integration is the fourth largest myth: good between MPF ​​integration?

When performing MPF integration, choosing a trustee is an important decision because the trustee will be responsible for managing and investing in your MPF funds. When facing the choice of trustee, you may think about the problem of "MPF integration is good".
Good between mpf integration?When considering the selection of MPF suppliers, there are five conditions to refer to good suggestions to refer to MPF integration, including market share, fund returns, fund selection, fund management fees, and supplier services. Do not just consider the management costs when choosing. When considering the plan, in addition to considering the level of trustee service, you can also refer to its past performance reports to understand its return and the choice of fund types. However, it should also be noted that past investment performance is not an absolute indicator of future performance, it can only be used as a part of the reference.

MPF integration 5th myth: How are the MPF integration discount?

MPF integration discounts are closely related to good myths between MPF ​​integration. When investors decided to choose a strong deposit fund supplier, in addition to understanding the market share of strong accumulation, fund returns, fund selection, fund management fees, and filed funds supplier services, they can also understand MPF integration discounts of different suppliers Essence The MPF Integration Discount is designed to provide various benefits and rewards for individuals who choose to merge their MPF accounts.

In addition, MPF integration can also provide better investment portfolio selection and professional asset allocation suggestions to help individuals achieve long -term financial goals. After MPF integration, individuals can enjoy lower management costs and handling fees, thereby saving costs and increasing investment returns. In addition, the integrated account can also get better interest rates and remuneration, and enjoy more investment opportunities. MPF integration brings more convenience and potential to your financial future. Don't miss this unique opportunity, act immediately, and enjoy the benefits of MPF integration discounts.

The scope of the MPF integration discount?The scope of application of MPF integration discounts may be different due to different MPF service providers and plans. Under normal circumstances, MPF integration discounts can be applied to most MPF accounts, including personal voluntary contributions, mandatory contributions and employers' accounts. However, specific applications may be different due to the provisions of the MPF plan. Some plans may limit the number or specific merger method of integrating accounts. In addition, some special types of MPF accounts, such as the MPF, specially designed for self -employed people, may not meet the conditions for MPF integration discounts.
Therefore, if you are interested in understanding whether MPF integration discounts are applicable to your MPF account, GUM will provide you with suggestions on "good MPF integration" and MPF integration discounts.

Summary of the 5 lips in MPF ​​integration:

The cancellation of strong gold hedge is an important policy change in Hong Kong. We need to comprehensively analyze the disadvantages of the strong accumulation of Qiangjin's hedging to fully understand the impact of this reform. 
Top 5
1. MPF integration is a process of merging multiple strong deposit funds accounts into one account to facilitate the management of pension funds.2. The timing suitable for MPF integration is usually to simplify management, reduce costs and increase investment efficiency when converting work or replacement of employers.3. The program for the integration of the strength of the funds is relatively simple. Although it is necessary to fill in some files, it is not complicated as a whole.4. Good between MPF ​​integration? When choosing the trustee of MPF integration, you should consider factors such as service level, fund charges and past performance, not just management costs.5. The degree of discounts of MPF integration discounts varies from different plans. You can choose the option that is most suitable for you by comparing the discounts and plans of different companies.
To sum up the above five myths, MPF integration is a convenient and useful option that can simplify management and reduce costs. factor. You can determine the option that suits you by comparing the MPF integration discounts that compares different trustees and plans.

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