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MPF Plan Design & Review

Why is MPF Plan Design & Review important?

MPF exceeds $1 TRILLION in asset size now!

Employers are spending a lot of money on MPF every year

MPF saving is a significant portion of employees' total compensation.

Regular review is important

The market changes from time to time and each scheme may perform differently over the period.

How GUM help employer strive for Higher MPF ROI

MPF Figure 1

GUM Corporate Client Average Return VS Market Average Return

MPF Figure 1

Gained Extra HK$374+ millions over last 10 years

MPF Figure 1

8 out of 10 years outperformed market

Wondering what to do to achieve a higher ROI in MPF?

Kickstart with this MPF Scheme Checklists for Employers!

1.Regular review of provider performance?

2. Chance to re-opt?

3. Employee feedback?

4. Member briefing?

5. Market update?

6. New joiner orientation?

MPF Scheme 1

Scheme-specific Analysis:

5 criteria compared to the market
  • Sizeable market share with growing trend
MPF Scheme 2

Most Suitable Scheme

  • Sizeable market share with growing trend
  • Wide range of fund choices
  • Strong track record of performance and good investment capabilities
  • Attractive fee rebate
  • Comprehensive service support

Do you know how is your scheme performing?

Contact us for more market data!
  • MPF Performance 1


    Understand the Needs and Challenges of ER & EE

    • Pension scheme positioning
    • Cost impact & employee satisfaction
    • ER option
    • EE retirement protection
    • MPF Confidence Index Survey
  • MPF Performance 2


    Review Your Existing Pension Scheme

    • Existing scheme features, investment preferences, asset profile
    • Mapping ER challenges & EE needs with solutions
  • MPF Performance 1

    What can we do for Employers?

    Advice on Pension Strategy & Choice

    • Platform analysis: Scheme features, Fund choice, fee, Administrative effectiveness, Performance
    • Suitability & Optimization
    • Provider selection
    • Employer preference
  • MPF Performance 1

    What can we do for Employees?

    Provide Support On Member Education

    • Member service team
    • Employee seminar/ briefing
    • One-on-one helpdesk
    • Investment advice

Employee Services on Pension

GUM have an experienced team to handle investment-related enquiries from members
  • Retirement planning
  • Financial Wellness
  • Investment service
  • 1-to-1 financial coach
  • Easy ways to connect (WhatsApp Enquiry)
MPF Pension

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