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Rooted in Hong Kong for over 40 years
Industry-leading research
Experienced in Employee Communication

Why pick GUM as your HR Consultant?

Rooted in Hong Kong for over 40 years

GUM (formerly known as Gain Miles) is a pension, actuarial, investment and employee benefit boutique consulting firm with the objectives to help employers optimize their benefit spending and help employees achieve better retirement outcomes. GUM is rooted in Hong Kong with over 40 years of experience, and we are committed to serve the Hong Kong companies and employees.


GUM focuses on people and that is why we put “U” in the very core of our brand “GUM”. With the objective consulting approach, our expert consultants provide trusted advice and tailored solutions to help our clients enhance their employee benefits and compensation programs.

Industry-leading research

GUM understands the importance of staying abreast of the latest market developments and trends. We conduct consistent research and analysis, providing clients with valuable insights and tailored solutions that help them stay ahead of the curve. We formulate advice based on extensive research and in-depth market analysis.

Experienced in Employee Communication

At GUM, our dedicated Employee Service Team has extensive experience providing HR and employment-related services to clients. We believe that effective employee communication is crucial to the success of any benefits program and place a strong emphasis on helping our clients engage their employees through effective communication and education. 
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What factors should you consider when reviewing the performance of your MPF scheme?
How often should MPF performance be reviewed?
Is changing insurers every year due to premium/ costing issues a recommended practice?
If claims experience is very good, what is the best approach: lower the price or enhance benefits?
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